Accounts Payable

It is a general rule of business that in order to make money, you need to spend money. Whether it is the rent for your business space, office supplies, or the countless other expenses required, everything has to be paid and accounted for. Keeping an accurate ledger is as challenging as it is crucial for your business’s success, and at Books Done Better our experienced team provides dependable accounts payable services to keep your company operating smoothly.

Our Accounts Payable Services

  • Check Writing: Some of your vendors may only accept payment in the form of a company check. Keeping track of invoices, due dates, and checks takes time. At Books Done Better, our expert consultants can complete the process for you by entering the invoice for payment, printing the checks, and having them in your hands in time to sign and mail to the vendor.
  • Credit Card Reconciliation: Every time you need to swipe your business credit card to cover an expense, the receipt must be matched to the right expense account and accounted for in your profits and loss statements. Credit card reconciliation can be time consuming and takes you away from growing your business; we take this task off your hands. With a little guidance, our professionals can make the necessary entries that will accurately reflect your bottom line each and every month.
  • Expense Reimbursement: Whether expenses come out of your pocket or an employee's, your business will need to write a reimbursement check to cover it. We make this process easy. Just provide our experienced consultants with your request along with the receipts to be reimbursed, either by regularly scheduled mail drops or scans. We will process the check based upon your documentation.

At Books Done Better, we understand how overwhelming it can be to handle all the small details that come with effective accounts payable. What if you don’t have a business credit card? What if you have to pay for your expenses out of your own pocket? We can help guide you to create long-lasting business habits and make your accounts payable streamlined. For our businesses that already have an accounts payable process, we work with you to make it more effective and efficient.

We are dedicated to working with our clients to bring their company the best accounts payable assistance and practices. Call or contact us today for more information on our accounts payable services.