Accounts Receivable

receivablesTaking care of your customers is the easy part, but keeping track of the money that is owed can sometimes be stressful and time consuming. Having an accurate account of the money that you have invoiced to customers is an extremely important aspect of your business. At Books Done Better, we make compiling your accounts receivable easy and effective.

For a lot of companies, their income is lumped into one income account. We understand that doing so makes it easier to input; however, it does not provide your business with the accurate and detailed information you need to evaluate the effectiveness of your individual income streams. At Books Done Better, we utilize your income to determine what profits your company most. Our experienced consultants work with you to determine precise and up-to-date accounts receivable process.

Our Accounts Receivable Services

  • Invoicing: Our team of consultants work with our clients to determine and set up the individual invoicing services that you need to make your business more efficient. We break down what you do into manageable pieces that can be easily repeated. Our professionals have been completing invoicing services for our clients for years and want to work with you to get your business up and running.
  • Deposits: Creating income for your business is more than just processing a credit card or applying a check to your outstanding invoice; it is getting your money to the bank. Without completing your deposits on time, you are unable to effectively generate income. Our consultants guide you through the steps of accurately making your deposits and streamlining your day-to-day transactions.

We start our accounts receivable services with a conversation. Our consultants help you to think about your current revenue and aid in setting up your QuickBooks online account, which accurately shows your earnings. Once the data has been entered, we can separate and set up your individual income streams to capture your potential income lines, establish them individually, and provide an in-depth analysis of your accounts receivable.

Capturing your accounts receivable as it comes in is an essential, time-sensitive activity. Our consultants work with you to post your income as soon as possible, providing you with timely information about your business’s cash health.

At Books Done Better, we make your accounts receivable easy on your company. To see how we do your books better, call or contact us today.