Electronic Fund Transfers

electronic fundsElectronic Fund Transfers are becoming more common in today’s business world. The ability to electronically transfer money from one account to another makes your company operate smoother and easier. However, the process of managing and processing the transaction can be overwhelming. At Books Done Better, we make it easy to record and personalize your electronic fund transfers to better manage your cash flow.

Electronic Fund Transfer Services

  • Pay credit card bills
  • Pay vendors
  • Receive payments from customers
  • Processed with no assessed fees

At Books Done Better, we personalize your electronic fund transfers to best meet the needs of your company. To ensure your cashflow is updated daily, we keep track of your transfers and payments to make sure they are posted to the accurate account quickly.

As long as your bank supports these transactions, our team works with you and your Quickbook Online account to process all of your electronic fund transfers accurately and effectively.

Let our experienced bookkeepers process your electronic fund transfers for your business. Call or contact us today for more information.