Brighton, Michigan Payroll

There is more to payroll than simply paying your employees. Completing your paychecks for each individual employee means determining hours, deductions, taxes, and more. As your Brighton, Michigan business grows, so does your employee list, meaning more time spent on paperwork and less time spent on growing your company.

Books Done Better has years of experience in accurately and professionally completing your payroll on time. Whether you have salaried or hourly employees, our experienced consultants keep track of their hours, salaries, taxes, and deductions for any given payroll timeline. We also take the time to complete all of the necessary steps to ensure accurate and reliable paychecks, every time.

Our Payroll Services

With the addition of payroll services to your Books Done Better package, all of the payroll taxes and deductions will be handled with the confidentiality and the professionalism that you need. Depending on the needs of your company, your paychecks can be available to your employees as a paper check or a direct deposit.
payroll sheet

  • Payroll Taxes: For each employee, payroll taxes must be withheld from their paycheck. We have the expertise to not only make sure each payroll tax deduction is correct, but we also transmit these deductions to the state or federal taxing agency within the deadlines provided. Depending on the deadlines, we submit your payroll tax bi-weekly, quarterly, or annually. It’s all part of doing payroll better.
  • Direct Deposit: Payroll funds are transmitted electronically the morning of your payday directly to your employees' bank account, no checks need to be prepared, printed, signed, or distributed. This saves you and your employees time while keeping your business productive and on task.
  • Quarterly Unemployment Payment (UIA): Each year, state unemployment agencies communicate changes in the unemployment withholding percentage for the next calendar year. These taxes are typically paid quarterly in the 1st month of each quarter in the calendar year, which means they can easily be overlooked or forgotten; but, Books Done Better is skilled and experienced in this process and will make it seamless for your company.
  • Federal Unemployment Tax Assessment (FUTA): Because the FUTA only has to be paid once your company reaches $500, it can be difficult to monitor and make sure the taxes have been paid on time. At Books Done Better, we make sure that as you approach this threshold your payments will be made in a timely matter. As a part of payroll, we make this facet of tax transmissions quick and easy for your business.
  • Voluntary Deductions: As your company grows, there may be programs and services that your employees are able to enroll in. These program fees and/or premiums can be deducted from their payroll checks. These might be: 401k, medical insurance, profit sharing, and more. When these opportunities arise, your partners at Books Done Better can assist you and your employees with their contributions. Our experienced team helps your business; from enrollment, to withholding optional payments from paychecks, to transmitting those payments to the appropriate vendor. We do voluntary deductions better.

At Books Done Better, we take the time to accurately complete your payroll so you don’t have to. It will be done for you on time, every time.

We do your payroll better. Call or contact us today to receive additional information on our Brighton, Michigan payroll services.