Financial Business Consulting

consultationKnowing the best financial decisions and strategies for your business can be complicated. As a Brighton, Michigan business owner, you may have questions on how to grow your business, spend your money wisely, what bookkeeping programs to use, or how to best maximize your earning potential. Your business needs a qualified expert to guide you through your finances. At Books Done Better, we partner with our clients to provide you with essential financial business consulting to help create the best plans for your business's cash flow.

Our Consulting Services

  • Consultation: At Books Done Better, our initial meeting with all of our potential clients are consultations. This is the first step in determining the best solutions for your company’s financial needs. We take the time to talk to our clients and answer any questions that you may have regarding your business and its future successes. We utilize our experience in bookkeeping and financial planning to answer your questions, determine the right financial services, and provide essential Quickbooks tutorials.
  • Quickbooks Consulting: Quickbooks is an essential tool for your business. At Books Done Better, we provide valuable Quickbooks setup and training to help ensure the success of your business. Using Quickbooks helps us to create your budgets, complete your payroll, and analyze your reports to best predict your financial cash flow.

We Can Do Your Books For You

After you consultation, our experienced bookkeepers are available to take the time and the stress of your bookkeeping away. Through our bookkeeping services, we efficiently keep track of your all your business's finances, so you don't have to.

At Books Done Better, we are an extension of your business; as a partner, our goal is your continued success. Through our financial business consulting services, we work with our clients to create a better fiscal plan to help your business grow and to thrive.

To help determine how we can do your books, better, call or contact us today for valuable Brighton, Michigan financial business consulting.